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Domains or domain names are virtual addresses in the internet real addresses. Every year thousands of domains are registered, bought and sold in the aftermarket. With popularity of internet growing, it won't slowdown anytime soon - In fact it'll increase over time. This .org TLD is a misspelling of 'domain' with just one letter 'i' replaced with 'e'. There is a possibility of even type in traffic when people manually typing in the browser. Potential for domainers.

.org domain names 1 word misspelling
Jun 7, 2019 9:58 AM
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Great news! Domain has been registered in the past and previous domain owner(s) may have forgot to renew or dropped it.

Oldest History 2011-06-29

9 years ago


Recent History 2014-01-01

6 years ago


Total Age 2020-09-24

9 years

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