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Tatkal is a hindi word which means 'immediate' or 'immediately'. It is widely used while booking a train or other form of transport in India and very popular / known among Indians. Very interesting that a .org TLD is still available for this popular 'tatkal' term, ideal for any form of ticket booking or sites that help in the related industry. Brandable and easy to remember domain name that won't last long so grab it quickly.

.org emergency tatkal immediate 1 word
May 23, 2019, 10:55 AM
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Great news! Domain Tatkal.org has been registered in the past and previous domain owner(s) may have forgot to renew or dropped it.

Oldest History 2013-07-18

9 years ago


Recent History 2014-12-18

7 years ago


Total Age 2022-08-18

9 years

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