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This pandemic due to Covid-19 is changing the way how we work and interact with others. Although Digital Transformation started long ago, this pandemic just accelerated the adoption of the same.

One of the key transformations that happened during this pandemic is the use of video conferencing with others and one particular tool won over everything else was the Zoom video conferencing solution.

With the ease of use and flawless video streaming, Zoom gave the possibility of working from anywhere and that is giving rise to a new trend called Zoom Town i.e people migrating to cheaper and affordable towns and remote areas and work from there.

This .info TLD has exact terms zoom and town and is available, it's up to your imagination of how to use this domain name. A blog, remote working site, or information about video conferencing, it suits many purpose, great potential during this crisis.

.info zoom town pandemic digital transformation video conference covid19
Sep 9, 2020, 8:36 AM
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